Friday, August 24, 2012

Themed Birthday Cakes of 2011

Surprisingly enough I actually started baking before this blog, shocking I know. I had some baking projects I was pleased with but took the worst pictures known to man. Regardless, I decided to share a couple of cakes I did for a friend. The first is a Luigi Cake based on Super Mario Bros. it was my first fondant cake so it had plenty of imperfections., but more importantly I'm told it tastes delicious.  The second was for an 80th birthday with an eclectic theme of the person's life.  While I love constantly challenging myself with new cake decorating projects I firmly believe that a cake should taste great. That's why I prefer to make my cakes and frosting from scratch and why I prefer to make my own marshmallow fondant which tastes about a billion times better than traditional fondant.

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